UUCO celebrates its status as a Welcoming Congregation! Since its earliest days, our congregation has fully welcomed lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people who seek our liberal religious experience. Full status as a Welcoming Congregation comes after an intentional program of study and reflection by a Unitarian Universalist congregation, followed by a vote to affirm its commitment to truly welcoming LGBTQ people into every aspect of congregational life. UUCO has lived out our deep commitment over the years and even extended its welcome beyond our doors as the founders of the OUTreach Resource Centers that support LGBTQ youth in Utah, promoters of Ogden’s first Human Rights Ordinance to provide protections for LGBTQ citizens and participants in Equality Utah, Utah Pride and the new Ogden Pride events. Some of our past ministers have been lesbian or gay. Our current minister joyfully marries LGBTQ couples.

Learn more about what it means for UUCO to be a Welcoming Congregation at http://www.uua.org/lgbtq/welcoming/program