The Covenant of Right Relations is an affirming statement of how we promise to act to one another, both inside and outside our community.

As a member of our Unitarian Universalist community, I covenant to affirm and promote our Unitarian Universalist principles. I am mindful, that as an individual and as a member of this community, I am accountable for my words, deeds, and behavior. Therefore, whenever we worship, work, or relate to one another, I covenant that I will:

    • Treat others with kindness and care, dignity and respect;
    • Foster an environment of compassion, generosity, fellowship, and creativity;
    • Share in the responsibilities of congregational life;
    • Speak truth as I experience it and listen to all points of view;
    • Practice direct communication – speak to the individual, not about them;
    • Act with respect and humility when I disagree with others;
    • Seek out understanding and wisdom in the presence of conflict;
    • Be true to my chosen path although the way may twist and turn, and support others on their journeys;
    • Resolve conflicts through intentional compromise and collaboration and, when necessary, request facilitation and/or mediation.