UUCO warmly cares about its members as we hold each other through the joys and sorrows of life. Our caring gets expressed in so many ways in our community:

Our Sunday worship provides an opportunity for feeling supported by the community as we pray, sing, light candles and drop sacred stones of burden or forgiveness into our gathered waters. Our Fellowship Hour offers another time for heartfelt sharing and support, over a cup of coffee or lemonade.

Our Pastoral Care Assistants gently check in with members and offer their compassionate support during times of illness, grief or struggle. They are happy to talk on the phone or get together with you in person to be a listening presence. They send cards and email messages of loving support. This group can also help coordinate specific aid in times of need such as rides to medical appointments, food during bereavement and other expressions of caring.

Our Minister, Rev. Shelley Page, is available for limited pastoral counseling. She can provide pastoral support and referral to other helping professionals and support groups that may be helpful to your situation. Contact her for appointment at revshelleyuuco@gmail.com or 801-394-3338.

Memorial Services

UUCO supports members in their time of grief. Rev. Shelley is available for grief counseling and assistance with planning a Memorial Service. A Unitarian Universalist Memorial Service generally happens about one month or so after the death, to allow space for the initial personal grieving and some time to plan a beautiful service that honors the life of your loved one. The minister’s services are free for members and available to non-members for a fee.


Rev. Shelley is available to plan and conduct weddings including those for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer couples. She initially interviews the engaged couple, providing some questions for reflection as part of the intentional process of committing to marriage. Assuming the couple wants to move forward with a Unitarian Universalist ceremony, she helps plan a service tailored to their needs and desires, including interfaith ceremonies and those for blended families. She joyfully officiates to help the couple affirm their sacred commitment. Her services are free for members and available to non-members for a fee.

Child Dedications

“Every night a child is born is a holy night.” Unitarian Universalists honor the coming of children into our lives through birth, adoption or familial commitments such as grandparents raising grandchildren. Children of any age are welcome to be dedicated at one of our worship services or in a private ceremony. We do not baptize children but rather offer a ceremony that honors the child’s given name and affirms the sacred responsibility of the parents, family, friends and community to join in supporting the spiritual development of each young life. The minister’s services are free for members and available to non-members for a fee.

Prayer Requests

Would you like to be held in prayer by our community?
Please contact Rev. Shelley (revshelleyuuco@gmail.com or 801-9394-3338) if you would like her or our Pastoral Care Assistants to pray on your behalf. You can request a prayer to be mentioned during our Pastoral Prayer during our Sunday worship service.