We aim to provide access to our services for the widest range of differently abled people. Our hope is to provide additional access features as we are able and as needs arise.

We have close, handicap-designated parking, with ramps to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters and walkers on entering the building, upper level classrooms, and sanctuary. The front row of the sanctuary has space for wheeled seating. We also have a mechanical lift between the main level to the lower level of the building. (This lift requires the user to be transferred in and out of it.)

Our lower level bathrooms will accommodate a wheeled device, however, we do not yet have wheelchair accessible stalls.
For those with hearing impairments, headsets tapping directly into the PA system can be provided during services.
Our hymnals and our order of services each week are available in large print, upon request. We also have a Braille version of our hymnal available.

Please make us aware of any other needs you may have that we might assist in meeting. Our wish is for the UUCO to be accessible to all.