Our warm memories of church start early in life! We offer loving care for our infants through four year olds in our nursery during worship services, fellowship hour and religious exploration programming on Sundays (approximately 9:00am to 1:00 pm). Child care is also offered for some special congregational events on a reservation basis.

Our Staff

We hire qualified child care attendants who are experienced in the care of young children, have training in first aid and have passed background checks. There are always at two caregivers in the room at all times.

Our Commitment

We care about providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your child. Parents sign in each Sunday and only parents can sign out when they pick their children up after worship, fellowship hour and religious exploration. Our nursery is stocked with safe, clean and appropriate toys. A changing table is available for parental convenience.

Religious exploration starts early in Unitarian Universalism. We introduce young children to some simple lessons about family, love and sharing, as well as rituals such as singing and lighting a flaming chalice (without an actual flame!).

Questions? Contact Evelyn Bertilson (egbert35@msn.com), Religious Exploration Co-chair who oversees our Nursery Care program.