UUCO meetings, including Sunday services, have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most people dress casually, without coats and ties or fancy dresses. Of course, Unitarian Universalists are individual thinkers. There is not a “professional” dress code, and don’t be surprised to see a full range of styles at any gathering.

On any given Sunday you may find t-shirts, button down shirts, tank tops, slacks, kilts, skirts, jeans, and dresses in the sanctuary. In the summer, there may be some people in shorts and sandals – while others could be dressed up as if attending a wedding. You may see someone wearing a fancy hat, or maybe a baseball cap. Some people wear an American flag lapel pin, or a button advertising their favorite cause, or even a Bluetooth receiver in their ear. (We silence all electronic devices during Sunday Services, but we encourage people to tweet using our hashtag uuogden)

One standard item – those who attend regularly get a UUCO name tag, and we wear them. We invite guests to wear a name tag too and we provide blank name tags that visitors can fill out when they arrive. We encourage people to dress in whatever manner they find comfortable.