Odgen City Council Meeting Supporting Immigrant Safety

Sometimes ministers work for social justice behind the scenes in the wider community. Such has been the case for Reverend Shelley in the past few weeks.  As stories about deportations increased in the wake of the new administration in Washington, she decided to check with Luis Lopez, one of our Ogden City Council Members.  Luis and Rev. Shelley agreed that there were concerns about unjust deportations so we decided to expand the conversation to include interfaith, Latino and other community leaders. After a series of meetings, they met with Mayor Caldwell and Police Chief Watt, asking their support in keeping Ogden safe for all immigrants, regardless of their documentation status–support that they readily agreed to offer. They also created a resolution declaring the importance of our immigrants  and Ogden’s commitment to keeping them safe–an action that sends a positive message to our immigrant and refugee communities.  The City Council will meet on Tuesday May 9 at 6 pm and passage of this important resolution is on the agenda.


That’s where YOU come in!  We need to pack the City Council chambers to send a strong message of support to the Council but also to our immigrant neighbors, many of whom are living in fear of deportation at this very moment.  Please try to gather with us on Tuesday to provide vital sacred witness on behalf of our neighbors!! And feel free to invite your friends, family and neighbors to gather with us! This is a simple action that could have a big impact!