Do You Have Favorite Recipes You’d like to Share for our UUCO Cookbook???

Are there some family recipes that have been handed down that should be in a cookbook? The Dream Team is collecting recipes for a cookbook that will be available to members, friends and whoever would like to buy one. You can send the recipes electronically to Cynthia Paige at You can also drop off a copy at the church with any of the Dream Team (Debby Hackett, Jeff Lensman, Becky Jacobson, Cyndi Taylor) or with Karline the Church Administrator. If you want to make a copy of the recipe in its original form that is fine. That will add some color (and flavor?) to the cookbook. We will be collecting recipes through the end of the year so please get those in so we can get the cookbook out in the Spring. We will be including a section called Memorial Recipes to honor people who have passed away. It may not be a recipe that they cooked; it could be one of their favorites. Feel free to add some personal information about any of the recipes you submit. Also, please make sure we have a name and contact on the submitted recipes in case we need to clarify information.