Congratulations, Dan!

We are thrilled to announce Dan Arnow is serving as the Treasurer for our Mountain Desert District (MDD) Board of Trustees.

The Treasurer position is elected during the MDD Conference & Annual Meeting, which took place in Boulder, Colorado on October 13th and 14th. Delegates from MDD congregations (you know – like us!) vote on behalf of their churches during the annual meeting. Dan was confirmed for a two year term, ending in 2019.

We are extremely proud of Dan. This is a critical leadership role and we’ve no doubt Dan will excel in it . . . the commitment, attention to detail, knowledge, and compassion he brings to the table is a benefit to every congregation in our district.

Dan’s stewardship at UUCO remains unchanged; he has committed to remaining our Treasurer as well. We are grateful for his steady guidance as the primary eye on our budget and Chair of the Finance Committee.

Congratulations, Dan! May your service be filled with love, holiness, reason, and vision.