Raptors Baseball with Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor will again be leading us to see the Raptors play this year.  The dates are all Saturdays – July 1, July 29, and August 12.  The ticket office will again let us have reserved seats for $8.  Please let him know if you plan to attend on the 8 days prior to each game (that’ll be on a … Continued


UUCO will hold a “Giving Day” to support Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, July 15.  (for detailed information, see here)  It couldn’t be easier!  1) Simply look through the attached list of accepted items,  2) Then rid yourself of the (appropriate) soul-crushing clutter from your home, garage, shed, or storage unit by bringing those items directly to the … Continued

Family Promise Volunteer Training

Family Promise families are almost here, with us.  Family Promise has now 3 families with a total of 9 persons.  Other churches who have already hosted are reporting smooth sailing weeks. Many thanks to the many persons who have already signed up for volunteering to bring food, to set up, to be host and to … Continued

Honor Nic Maughan with our June Sharing for Change!

This month’s Sharing for Change collection on June 18 will honor Nic Maughan as he leaves his Music Director position at UUCO.  We asked Nic which organization he would like to be the recipient of our June collection and he designated The Road Home,  a private non-profit social services agency that assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness … Continued

Family Promise Sunday is June 11! How will YOU help?

Learn all about how you can help with our upcoming hosting of homeless families here at UUCO!   Plan to be at church on June 11 for Family Promise Sunday where we will focus on this compassionate outreach project.  Discover how you can help in the preparations still needed and how you can help during our hosting … Continued

Family Promise Items Still Needed

Hi UUCO friends, Thanks for your generous contributions for Family Promise.  The program has already started and other Ogden churches have already hosted.  Our turn will be during the first week of July (July 1 to July 9).  We have nearly all the supplies needed but are short on a few items (listed below). Baby bottles … Continued

Raptors Baseball with Tom Taylor

Tom Taylor will again be leading UUs and friends to three Raptors games this year.  The dates will be 7/1, 7/29, and 8/12 – all Saturdays.  Ticket prices and further details TBA.

Join the June Potluck Video!

June’s Pot-luck Video will be at the home of Nicole Berthelemy at 6:00 on Friday, June 9th.  Please come and bring a pot luck dish to share.  She will be serving “Grillade Saint Gilloise” (a kind of beef stew). The movie will be “Les Choristes” (The Chorus).  It’s a French movie with English subtitles. Nicole lives at … Continued