The UUCO library is located on the east wall of the Board room. The books are available for church members and friends on a check-out basis. As of now there is a book to the right of the bookshelves where the borrower can write down the name of the book, the author, the date of borrowing and the borrower’s name and email or phone number. There is no specific time period mandated for returning the item but please be considerate and return the book as soon as you are finished with it.  When you return the book, please place it in the box that is labeled returns and cross off your name on the check-out list.

If you have books you wish to donate, please place them in the box under the bookshelves that is labeled donations. Those books will be properly labeled and placed on the shelves.  If there is donated book that is not useful to the UUCO shelves, it will be donated to another source.