Unitarian Universalist Religious Exploration encourages the spiritual development of our children and youth by offering opportunities to:

  • Learn about Unitarian Universalist values
  • Discover Unitarian Universalist history
  • Explore wisdom from the world’s religions, science and prophetic people who led the way in creating a more fair, just and loving world
  • Engage with hands-on learning about social justice and active compassion
  • Reflect on moral and ethical issues
  • Experience spiritual practices that help them develop life-long spiritual self care

Other Learning Opportunities:

  • Bring your children to social justice actions such as Black Lives Matters Marches and rallies for clean air in Utah—they learn by watching you as a parent engage in acts of social witness
  • Fellowship Activities—our children enjoy special activities such as Easter Egg Hunts, game nights and other fun times that promote deeper friendships
  • Summer—our program is more low-key, reflecting that many families travel and spend weekends camping and enjoying outdoor pursuits.

Our Religious Exploration Approach

Unitarian Universalists believe in Religious Exploration that touches the soul, excites the mind and honors the body. Our programs are designed to address the whole child with a variety of experiences that encourage questioning and exploration of one’s own beliefs. The goal is to foster the development of a young person’s moral compass, loving compassion, respect for others and appreciation for their own spirituality and its importance in their lives. So we do not share doctrines or rules in a passive learning environment. We offer exploration through the arts, stories, nature exploration, embodied practices and other modalities to awaken children’s souls.

Learn more at http://www.uua.org/re

Current Program for Elementary School Children