We are a community of unique individuals and we each bring gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Our approach to stewardship as a way of life celebrates these gift and full recognizes them as the foundation of our congregation.

We encourage generosity in all areas of stewardship: taking care of those within our congregation and those within our wider community, supporting our ministry, and tending to the church building and grounds. The congregation’s stewardship over the past several years has brought us to this present moment – and what a joyful moment it is to celebrate:

  • The Reverend Shelley Page as our fearless and inspiring Developmental Minister
  • Amazing song and musical performances during our services
  • Solar panels installed on the roof
  • Birth and release of OUTreach to support GBLTQ youth
  • Lobbying for racial and marriage equality, fairness in housing and employment
  • Standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and affirming the worth of all people
  • Lobbying and supporting cleaner air for Utah
  • Making building and grounds improvements for our beautiful church
  • Expanding our programs, including Religious Exploration and the Green Team

These efforts and, many more, are what we understand church to be and what compels us forward in our commitment to live out our faith principles.