• Bill Hackett

    President, Board of Trustees

  • Jeff Lensman

    Treasurer, Board of Trustees; Chair, Finance Committee

  • Holly Leake

    Trustee, Board of Trustees

  • Craig Stiles

    Trustee, Board of Trustees

  • Heather Root

    Trustee, Board of Trustees

  • Debbie Hackett

    Chair, Endowment Committee

  • Nicole Berthelemy

    Coordinator, Family Promise

  • Evelyn Bertilson

    Chair, Religious Exploration (RE) Council

  • Heide Cottam

    Chair, Worship Team; Facilitator, Communications & Leadership

  • Starly-Jazz Barrera

    Director of Religious Exploration (RE)

  • Braven Dyer

    Building Sexton

  • Joseph Cook

    UUCO Musician