Quick nUUs You Can UUse

 Theme-Based Ministry Is Here!

Remember when we talked about theme-based ministry in the spring? It’s a different approach to church, exploring a broad spiritual theme each month in worship, religious exploration for all ages and even the centering words offered at the beginning of committee meetings.  It’s a way for the whole church to immerse in a common theme, exploring its nuances and discovering treasures it may hold for deepening your spiritual journey.

So, September kicks us off with Kinship as our theme.  And as a way to get us started, I’m wondering what Kinship means to you.  You’re invited to share in two different ways as we start our exploration in August–yes, we’re working a bit ahead!

One–add your thoughts about Kinship to our Community Theme Mural down in the Fellowship Hall. When you come to church over the next few weeks, add your drawings, ideas, words, poems or whatever you would like to share  to the large butcher paper mural.  People of all ages are invited to participate.  We’ll have some art materials available so you can co-create our community expression of the theme.

Two–take some photos of what Kinship means to you and send them to Sam Leake (uucosam@gmail.com) so he can create a slide show that we will view as we enter the sanctuary on Sunday mornings.
 This will be another way for us to share our visual impressions of this theme. I can’t wait to see your photos!

A Prom to Remember!

Did you catch a cold and have to miss your prom night?    Did you have a wonderful time at prom that you want to relive forever?  Did your square Mom not let you wear what your heart desired?  Take this chance to break out your fancy clothes, prom dresses, tuxedos, leisure suits or really anything! (No birthday suits please.) You say your tuxedo is baby blue with ruffles and your prom dress is lime green polyester? GREAT!   Wear them!   This is a magically fun time for all ages. Join us in the fellowship hall this Friday, August 28 at 6 p.m. and we’ll party till your body drops, (most likely 9 p.m.). Please bring your favorite appetizers and we will get you a drink! Any questions please contact Ariana at  801-866-4610.

Young Adult Group About to Start!

UUCO’s young adult group will be starting up at noon this Sunday, August 30th.  During the first meeting, the group will decide what kinds of activities they are interested in as well as set the frequency and regular meeting day and time of the group.  Typically, young adult would be 18-35 years old in UU circles, but anyone who feels they fit best in the young adult circle is welcome!  If you would like to get involved, or would like more information, please email Karline Valentine at smile4kar@aol.com.

UUCO at the Ogden Farmers Market This Weekend!

UUCO is officially promoting the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program at the 2015 Ogden Farmers Market! Volunteers at the market booth will inform the public about our church’s experience with the Blue Sky Program, the benefits of supporting alternative energy, and how to join Blue Sky.   The booth will be set up from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm THIS Saturday August 29th, and September 19th.   We aim to have 2-4 volunteers running the booth at any given time. If anyone is interested in staffing the booth for at least an hour on any of these Saturdays, or for any questions or suggestions about the booth, email Sara Prussing at saprussing@gmail.com 

Full Moon Drumming Circle

The full moon drumming circle will be meeting from 7-8 p.m. this Saturday, August 29th in the Children’s Chapel.  Full moon drumming is a sacred event with candlelight, toning & good intentions with healing energy of love and light where all non electric instruments are welcome and encouraged. It is not for the little ones but please come and invite friends.

If you have a heart beat you can beat a drum and if you don’t have a drum we have many of extra instruments to share with everyone so come “where our hearts beat as one.”

If you need more information about the drum circle you can email Lance Howerton at lance82105@yahoo.com.  The church doors will be locked, so please ring the doorbell to door by the parking lot.