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Ours is a free-thinking faith.  Whomever you are and whomever you love, you are welcome here.  Those who attend here walk many paths and have many beliefs; we believe life is a spiritual journey best experienced with others.

Indeed, here at UUCO, we deeply value the journey itself. Since the 1980s, our congregation has transformed house meetings to rented space in the Your Community Connection (YCC) building to our current residence on 23rd Street. We have grown in every imaginable way: in spirit, heart, members, and friends.

As is true for most journeys, we’ve let go as often as we’ve said hello, bidding loving farewells to people beginning the next adventure of their journey, be it in life or death and as congregants or ministers.  

Our current path is rich with intention, love, and possibility. We have chosen to continue as a lay-led congregation, building our shared ministry within our congregation and into the community.

While uncommon in many faiths, lay-led congregations are a celebrated staple in the Unitarian Universalist tradition. In fact, Utah has three other lay-led congregations: Cache Valley UUUtah Valley UU, and the UU Fellowship of Southwestern Utah.

UUCO is blessed to have willing, dedicated leaders as we continue along this path.  We are also excited to see where this part of our journey leads – and what kind of ministry we will discover along the way!

We do hope to see you; as we said above life is a spiritual journey best experienced with others.

Until then, and as ever, may the blessings in your life light your soul.

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