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Join us on June 7th following Sunday worship

for our 2020 Annual Meeting.

Zoom link:

Our meeting will be led by the Board of Trustees, with Board President Bill Hackett serving as Parliamentarian.
For a copy of the budget, please email Heide Cottam


Agenda is as follows: 

  • Opening & Welcome

    • Call to Order​

    • Opening Reading & Chalice Lighting

    • Confirmation of Parliamentarian

    • Rules of Conduct Review 

      • Establish quorum (20%) required ​

      • Voting is reserved for members only; friends and visitors may speak on any issue 

      • Minutes will be recorded and published

    • Expressions of Gratitude from the Board ​​​

  • President's Report ​

  • Worship in the Time of Pandemic & Beyond 

  • Board of Trustees Candidates 

    • Introduction of Current Trustees 

    • Presentation of candidate nominees; vote required

      • Second term election: Bill Hackett

      • First term election: Heather Root 

  • Budget Presentation & Discussion ​​

    • Summation of current year 

    • Presentation of proposed FY2020-2021 budget; vote required 

  • Open Forum for Member Discussion 

  • Closing & Adjournment 

    • Closing Reading & Chalice Extinguishing

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