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May 29, 2020 | Letter from the President

Whew- I think we’re now ready to introduce the UUCO Annual Meeting! It will be our first virtual Annual Meeting and instructions for how to participate are given by Heide in the accompanying newsletter articles. Please plan to attend- we need each others’ support and we need a quorum of members in order to conduct business. Links for the meeting agenda and budget are given below; please be prepared for two congregational votes of approval. 

First, Jeff our Treasurer, together with the Trustees and Finance Team, have employed income and expense projections to draft a proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The budget will require your approval by congregational vote at the Annual Meeting. 

Second, two Trustee nominees will require congregational approval: I have agreed to serve another term as Trustee and Heather Root has agreed to serve her first term as Trustee.

Please see the accompanying articles for further information about the Annual Meeting.

In other news, Project Welcome is moving forward as planned. Thank you again to all who supported this essential project. If all goes well, we should have an accessible church building sometime this summer! This week we hosted a contractor walk-through, and three contractors attended. We should receive bids in a couple of weeks, and work should begin in four to six weeks, after permitting and other preliminaries are concluded. With the building largely unoccupied, this is a good time to be doing the work.

Finally, it's always my pleasure to thank the many people who continue to give of themselves in service to others, especially during this time of potential illness and economic hardship. I read the papers and magazines, I see the news on TV, and I sometimes despair for the future of our country and society. But then I see you- with boots on the ground- the real people who do the real work of the world. Citizenship is not just voting and paying taxes to support government services. It is, most essentially, being together and working together in communities like ours, building a better world.

I hope you take comfort and pride in your service. I certainly do.



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